2M Meccanica

CNC mechanical machining

2M Meccanica is a company specialised in the design and production of precision mechanical parts and 2D and 3D CNC machining for a variety of manufacturing sectors.

2M Meccanica has chosen to invest constantly in research and technological innovation over the years, equipping itself with a fleet of state-of-the-art machinery and sophisticated software.

Our fleet of machinery

Parco macchine e tecnologia - 2M Meccanica - Lavorazioni CNC

Every project begins with the preparation of a quote, identifying customised solutions to suit the customer’s budget.

Design and technical drawing

We work in synergy with customers, thoroughly analysing their needs to develop targeted solutions together.

CAD/CAM Programming

Advanced design software and state-of-the-art 3D renderings enable us to meet every production requirement with precision and reliability.

Assistance and maintenance

We accompany our customers with maintenance and after-sales service to ensure excellent performance and consistent quality.


Meticulous testing takes place along the entire production chain and strict quality standards are met to offer guaranteed and certified products.

2M Meccanica - Lavorazioni CNC ad Alba (CN)
2M Meccanica - Lavorazioni CNC ad Alba (CN)
2M Meccanica - Lavorazioni CNC ad Alba (CN)
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