Using an aeronautical method, with autoclave moulding and PREPREG carbon, 2M Meccanica produces carbon fibre parts for the automotive, motorbike, furniture design and medical sectors.

For some years now, carbon fibre has become a material of excellence in various fields of application, thanks to its light weight and excellent mechanical properties. Originally intended for aerospace engineering, over time it has demonstrated excellent functional and aesthetic performance, particularly in the automotive and racing worlds.

More than 70% stronger than steel and 30% lighter than aluminium, this compound material is used in a variety of applications, in projects requiring low weight, good thermal and chemical resistance and dimensional stability.

Examples of our carbon fibre products include:

  • tank covers
  • clutch covers
  • engine covers
  • side panels
  • tips
  • spoilers
  • medical sector supports
  • furnishing items and accessories
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