Giuseppe Masia was born in.


His passion for engines became apparent very early on: he dabbled in the assembly and disassembly of small racing engines, subsequently progressing to their construction.


He began his professional career building machine tools at a very young age. This came about somewhat by chance, as there was no real school for specialisation in engine design and construction at the time. He attended a vocational school, where he studied technical drawing and programming on CNC machinery.

Late 90s

He began working with Piero Merlino, another engine enthusiast, who called him to join him in his company, known at the time as OMM di Merlino. There, he learned the techniques of turning and milling using manual machines, carried out his first mechanical assemblies and began developing a technical understanding of machining.

2001 – 2003

He worked at Adriano Automazioni Industriali, where he specialised in the use and programming of CNC and manual lathes.

2003 – 2006

Pursuing his passion for mechanics and motorsports, he continued his career at LEOVINCE – SITO Gruppo Industriale, a well-known manufacturer of motorbike mufflers, where he specialised in the design and manufacture of moulds, three-dimensional design and CAM programming.

Late 2006

2M Meccanica was founded, embodying the decades of Giuseppe Masia and Piero Merlino’s professional and human experience. The company took its name from the surname initials of the two partners. Masia began specialising in the design and production of mechanical parts for the food industry, the company’s main production sector, before also turning to the world of motorsport, creating parts made from carbon fibre.


The creation of the iconic dragonfly logo was inspired by the insect’s spectacular ability to fly and its unique style which, with its rapid, cadenced movements and the dragonfly’s ability to maintain its balance in mid-air, is reminiscent of the CNC machining centre.
These were years of intense passion, tireless work but also immense satisfaction. In the beginning, the technical drawing department was nothing more than a desk in the middle of the workshop, but the company soon began to grow and become more structured. A new machining centre was purchased, enabling a major technological upgrade. The investment in a second state-of-the-art machining centre paved the way for a significant increase in orders. Turnover grew rapidly.


The economic crisis of 2009 hit 2M Meccanica hard and Piero Merlino left the business. Masia carried on, despite 2010 and 2011 being tough years. From 2012, given the considerable economic recovery, 2M resumed its significant investments in new technologies and new machinery, recreating the ideal company environment to be at the forefront and even more competitive than before.

2012 – 2022

Today 2M Meccanica has a specialised staff of 12 people, with 8 work centres, and the company looks to the future with optimism and determination, aiming to consolidate business and become a point of reference for companies in the area.

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